Highland Park Hjärta

Produktbild för Highland Park Hjärta

Single malt från Orkney inspirerad av vikingakulturen. Begränsad upplaga om 3924 flaskor.

Betyg 8.0
Highland Park Hjärta 4.0
Ditt betyg
Producent Highland Distillers, Storbritannien
Volymprocent 58.1%

Tasting notes från destilleriet

Colour - Deep amber, clear and bright
Nose - close scrutiny of this intense 12 year old cask strength single malt reveals a glorious combination of spice and heather, caramalised pineapple and fresh lemon peel subtly interwined with hints of delicate smoke
Palate - rich flavour delivering mouth coating silky vanilla sweetness and hints of coconut converging in on exquisite balance of sweet, heather peat smokiness
Finish - long gentle, smokey finish

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[...] Nose: Rich caramelised apples, lots of spice, (clove and cinnamon) rolled oats and a big hit of dried fruit. [...]

[...] Palate: Lingering chopped hazel & brazil nuts are the first flavour on the tastebuds, followed by some lemon and orange zest, then sweet vanilla and fizzy lemon sherbets. [...]

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