Boon Lambic Foeder # 10

Belgisk lambic från Lembeek

Betyg 7.0
Boon Lambic Foeder # 10 3.5
Ditt betyg
Producent Brouwerij F. Boon, Belgien
Volymprocent 9.9%
Även känd som: Boon to be Wild

A special keg only "single foeder strong lambic". 100 kegs produced.

Frank Boon writes: Foeder # 10 was originally made for "Brauhaus Nurnberg" in Nurnberg, Germany in +/- 1890. The staves are 90 mm thick and the content is 6800 lit. It survived the destruction of Nurnberg in WW II because it was shipped to France for wineaging in Gigondas. Ten years ago it came to Boon Brewery, it had 4 times Lambic and in 2007 it was used for a strong Lambic to age for 3 years. One american lady that tasted it said it was "Boon to be Wild". Maybe a good name to use.

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