Grain d'Orge Belzebuth 13%

Produktbild för Grain d'Orge Belzebuth 13%

Belgisk ale från Hombourg

Betyg 7.0
Grain d'Orge Belzebuth 13% 3.5
Ditt betyg
Producent Brasserie Grain d’Orge, Belgien
Volymprocent 13.0%

"Alcohol content was lowered from 15% to 13% when brewery changed name from Jeanne d'Arc to Grain d'Orge in 2002. And one more time in 2005 from 13% to 11.8%. The beer is canned in Holland. As of April 2007, the alcohol is listed on the bottle as 13%."

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